Meet Our Board

Mr. Mills has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. since inception.  Mr. Mills, the Company’s Visionary, utilizes and implements his knowledge in product development, operations, business development, marketing and capital raising to position the Company for long term growth.  Mr. Mills’ and his achievements have been featured on CNN, CBS Radio, The Los Angeles Business Journal, The Wall Street Reporter, C-Net, Popular Science, KCAL, Extra and many others. Mr. Mills continues to be a community leader, both in and out of the boardroom.

Mr. Tchorzewski has served as Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Chief Financial Officer since June 2010. Mr. Tchorzewski has also been a member of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors since January 2011. Mr. Tchorzewski has over 35 years Financial Management experience which includes over 20 years as a Chief Financial Officer for both private startups as well as publicly traded companies in various sectors which include consumer products as well as technology. Mr. Tchorzewski has extensive experience in building financial infrastructures, bringing companies to the public market as well as in the mergers and acquisitions arena.  Mr. Tchorzewski has a BS Degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance both from the W. Paul Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University.

Dr. Toomey currently is a member of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors and has also been the Executive Vice President of the Company since inception. Additionally, he holds a position as a Board-Certified Family Physician, specializing in Geriatric Care and is also the President of “Toomey & Toomey Medical Group.” Dr. Toomey also works as a consultant, performing “Case Study” drug evaluations for a number of well known pharmaceutical companies. His expertise in developing “Physician Practice Guidelines” for companies, like Aetna-US Healthcare, has been instrumental in the development of a number of products and practices in the medical field, as well as, for Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

Dr. Kurtz currently is a member of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors and a key part of the Company’s Business Development activity. Dr. Kurtz has been a Board Certified Family Physician specializing in Internal Medicine for over 20 years. His expertise extends from Geriatric Care to Sports Medicine. His keen attention to detail has been instrumental in the development of Thermal-Aid, Nature-Cide and Burner Balm. Dr. Kurtz’ research and development skills keep Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. on the cutting edge.

Mr. Dashiell has been a director of Pacific Shore since June 2011 and the chairman of the Company’s Audit Committee since its formation in 2012.  Mr. Dashiell has held various teaching positions at educational institutions such as Chapman University in Orange, California, University of California at Los Angeles and California Institute of Technology. Mr. Dashiell has also held various positions as a computer scientist as well as a research scientist in the private sector.  Mr. Dashiell received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1963 and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1973.

Ms. Mills is currently a member of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors and is also the Company’s Corporate Secretary.  Ms. Mills utilizes her 20+ years of Accounting and Human Resources experience by overseeing the Human Resources and Investor Relations departments.  Ms. Mills also works directly with Product Development, Product Design, Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations.  Ms. Mills received her B.A. Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Mathematics from California State University Northridge, CA.