Our core business is bringing high quality, natural products to market at a fair price.

However, we are driven by the knowledge that a key component of our growth strategy is to constantly fill a robust new product pipeline with high profit margin products.  One of the ways that we keep our pipeline growing is to utilize our proven techniques to assist inventors and marketers in bringing products to market. Please contact us to see how we can bring your product from prototype to production and sales.

  • Package Design

    From concept to completion, we create packaging for you that helps your product stand out and conveys quality and desirability.

  • Marketing

    We work with you to develop a multi-faceted marketing plan that takes your product from concept to sales that targets the most profitable sales channels and helps draw investors to your project.

  • Web Development

    Our full service web development team can provide you with a fresh look and feel that also incorporates eCommerce functionality in an elegant fashion.

  • Business Plan

    Our experienced team of executives can draft a business plan for you that will tell your story in a compelling fashion allowing you to access investors and strategic partners.

  • New Product Development

    From idea to product sales, we can help you bring your product to market.

  • Strategic M&A

    We buy great ideas and we can also help you find the right partner or partners to get your product launched and into new sales channels.

  • Financing and Capital Raising

    PSHR’s management team has strategic alliances with the finance and crowdfunding world, as well as the ability to structure a Capital Raise’s, to get you the funding needed to take your existing business to the next level. We also structure plans for business, product and service idea’s, and can help get those projects funded, so you can get your Vision moving rapidly.

  • Product & Business Acquisitions

    Looking to sell your business, we might be that buyer you are looking for, or we could enable you, with a strategic plan of action, to turn your company into a robust profitable business. If you have a unique product that needs a help getting to market, or you just don’t have the ability or funding to do what it takes to move into consumers hands, we could be the perfect partners, or even acquire the product and pay you royalties for the life of the product.